The value of competitions.

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This may be seen by both of my followers( sorry , Yorkshire sarcasm again , don’t know or care if anyone reads my drivel,it pleases me) as a slightly contentious issue……the value of a competition.

For me , I tend to need a push to complete things as life is complicated and hectic and family filled. The Hetzer for instance has taken 10 bastard years to finish. I found myself procrastinating rather than building, so having some thing yo focus on has made me push on. 

I know for everyone this isn’t the case and on behalf of my mate Bob Schramm I’ll make another contentious point…trophy hunting.

I didn’t enter to win as much as to progress. Last year I got a commended,which to me is third place, but knocked my skill levels up a rank in the process….so this year I tried again and got second and first …so in my head a significant increase in skill and another set of kits off the pile.

However , second year and both me and Bob noticed something…the same entries year on year. Time to annoy, for gods sake why keep entering the same bloody model every year….answer to get a trophy. Now to the pair of us it’s pointless, you’ve not practiced, not improved, not tried anything new…it’s just a waste for the sake of saying I won. I entered into the 1/35 class as well this year,found myself up against magazine quality models ( and in some cases I’ve since seen then in magazines)that didn’t win either, but I won’t enter the same model next year, I’ll try another , and another to improve.

My point to all this , if your not improving you may as well call it a day, try something new for gods sake( I’ve  35 kits still unbuilt so I’ve plenty to hold at) and improve your techniques…rant over. The value for me,well it’s a fixed point to aim for,recognition of my skill if I win anda achnace to stand side by side with my peers….

Anyway , I also need a shout out to my local model competition, found here. Thanks for the trophy, I’ll be entering next year, different models and maybe new classes( hell I may even build a plane….) and if you look really carefully in the galleries you’ll see some kits built by yours truely.


I sneaked one in……..OOOH ERRR…and it won!

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The little Hetzer from Tamiya that I showed in my earlier post with the same title above was entered into the Wakefield IPMS model competition this year , and I only whent and won my class….

So with a small fan fare and without further ado I present… first competition winner!

Tamiya Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma…pt 3….finished!

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One nice simple build of a little re issued italieri kit in 1/48th scale…..done!

Nice little kit really, simple to build,adding a few photo etch details and a metal barrel lifted it’s complexity to an acceptable level.

Emerged into the Wakefield branch of the IPMS show in February and guess what….a highly commended in my class …….photos below!

Tamiya Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma…pt 2

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This isn’t quite the post I thought I’d make next , but what the hell……

Fairly simple build really , just added the metal barrel( love that additional detail to just make the build seem right). Just look at the state of that plastic pile of crap!

Spent an inordinate amount of time on the photo etch, leaving some of the Jerry can holder straps empty for added variety. I’ve started to love photo etch , especially on 1/48th as it helps to,pop the detail up a few notches as sometimes I feel that the smaller scales look too toy like. However some of these details are so small they kill my eyes…….age hates modelling!

Base coated the car in Vallejo surface primer , then did a little pre shading with some NATO brown,just to get that nice even coat and check for cock ups( of which later it turned out there was a few….)

Base coated the little armoured car in dunkelgelb from Tamiya……or so I thought, turned out a little light but I pressed on regardless. 

Tried to add a little modulation as well but it’s lost in the photos, though it should be just about visible.

Hand sprayed the camo…….not my best effort to be sure , but given it’s my first camo didn’t turn out too bad. Really should have sprayed it with the turret off rather than on the car as some of the overspray was , well , crap to be honest….next one will be better.

Detail painting consisted of things like German grey Jerry cans with white water markings, red and grey fire extinguishers, hand tools etc. Rusted the exhausts as well , added weathering powders to the wheels, rain streaks on vertical surfaces , basically the whole gamut….

Check out the photos…… time the finished article…..

Tool review No.1 – Mastertools(Trumpeter) medium photo etch folder (09932)

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Thought I’d start something a little different and review a new tool I’ve bought.

I’ve been looking for a  photo etch folder for quite some time now,ever since i borrowed my good friend Bob’s Mission Models one. Now he’s a little more disposable income than me so paying for that massive slab of aluminium wasn’t such a knee jerk as i would have felt(anything over £20 is another kit in my mind at the moment). But in an effort to raise my game , sometimes you just need to invest in better tools.

So when i spied this little beauty in the model shop(Halifax modellers world) at the not unreasonable sum of £22 i thought what the hell , why not!

First impressions are good , its well made(machined anodised aluminium), comes with three little white folding “blades” , is adjustable between a single 3″ long edge, then 3 sides with various shapes to suit, ie one with small slots , one with square edges of various thicknesses and the last with a square and pointed shape. Reminds me of the Small shop version (Bug i think its called). Handle on top unscrews to allow you to clamp the etch piece or rotate the platen for the various shapes. Its got a nice machined gauge line at the bending face as you’d expect as well.

Tried it out tonight on some bits for the Tamiya Puma . Works a treat, better everyday of the week than the old pliers.

Conclusions : well 10/10 for me , ticks all the boxes and does exactly what i want at the perfect price……

Trumpeter LAV-R Recovery…pt 1

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Third build log on the go, three posts in one day….hold tight its going to get bumpy.

Thought I’d enter 3 things in next years model contest in Huddersfield , but have 4 on the go so i can pick and choose. I don’t feel its fair to enter anything I’ve put in before, especially if it wins, just seems a little unfair……

Lovely looking kit, in 1/35th for a change but following on with the wheeled theme for the last part of this year(next year….tanks). i have the command version as well and have given some thoughts to producing a diorama next year with both of them on(dream big , fail small!)something like the picture below:-


Got some resin packs on the way for this , to do a marine version covered in pop bottles,rucksacks and boxes.

Pictures later.

Tamiya Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma…pt 1

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Always had a fascination with this little 8 wheeled recon vehicle that the Germans had in WW2.

So i thought I’d start another kit as well as the Simca (which is 1/35th, where as the Puma is 1/48th)

Turns out that its an Italeri kit re-badged with some oil drums.Needless to say that whilst its Tamiya , its still a bit of a toilet kit wise.

So I’ve gone and bought RB models 48B49 turned barrel(a truly beautiful little thing) and also Hauler’s HLX48309 Photo etch kit. Since its a pile of crap as far as internals go its strictly hatch’s closed) but those two items alone should life a mediocre kit (for Tamiya’s standards) into some thing quite nice.

Probably going for either straight Dunkelgelb or a single colour of camo on top of the German yellow….Photo’s to follow.